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I'm confused...so who is Sapphique? Was he Jared or the Warden or someone completely different? Any guesses on what will happen in the sequel? I'm guessing they will find Sapphique's hidden passage for Attia, but I'm not sure Keiro deserves to escape...


I'm not sure who Sapphique is either (I saw that the second book is called "Sapphique," btw...). I had been thinking we hadn't met him yet, but now I wonder if he's maybe Jared?? Jared definitely has some secrets that haven't been revealed yet. I need to re-read the last few chapters, I think.


Sapphique is the one who escaped. He is neither Jared or the Warden. The little italicized blurbs at the beginning of the chapters talk about Sapphiques journey out of Incarceron.

I didn't think there would be a sequal because of the way it ended. I didn't think that you needed the room to transport you into Incarceron so I couldn't figure out why she didn't just bring them all back. I definitely think that they are going to find Sapphiques passage in the next one. To me, it seems like the only place to go.

What did everyone think of Finn's encounter with the Maestra at the end of the book. I know it was supposed to mean something but I couldn't take a message out of it. It just seemed kind of thrown in there to me.


At first I assumed Finn's encounter with the Maestra was some kind of hallucination or dream. But maybe not...do you think the Maestra might still be alive in there?

If the author's message was mainly to reiterate Finn's responsibility to those left behind and his guilty feelings about the Maestra, then it does seem a little thrown in there and redundant...

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